Dear Marketing Managers and Business Owners,

My name is Chris Hallenbeck. I am a direct response print and online copywriter. I help businesses in the hockey industry increase leads, and sales through various marketing, writing, and public relations strategies. Recently, Bauer Hockey estimated that the global ice hockey market totaled approximately $555 million, and is growing at an annual rate of approximately 1% to 2% per year. Bauer Hockey also estimated in 2010 that the global ice hockey related apparel market, which includes items such as performance apparel, team jerseys, and socks, is approximately $300 million in size and growing at an annual rate which they believe exceeds that of the ice hockey equipment market!  …WOULDN’T YOU LIKE YOUR ORGANIZATION TO HAVE  MORE OF THAT MONEY THIS YEAR?…

Hockey is a fast growing sport. Approximately 64% of registered hockey players are youth under the age of 20. Global registered hockey participation rates have been stable over the last ten years growing at approximately 1% to 2% per year, and today over 85% of ice hockey consumers from ages 12 to 20 research product purchases and brands online and rely on manufacturer websites as a key purchase influencer. THE BEST TIME TO FEATURE COPYWRITING IN YOUR NEXT MARKETING CAMPAIGN IS RIGHT NOW…

When you use direct response copywriting services in your online or print marketing, you are reaching over 85% of ice hockey consumers ages 12-20, and you are reaching them through use of emotional intelligence, strategic storytelling, and sales enthusiasm which turns more prospects into buying customers. This is huge because the youth players are ones that are going to be using, recommending, and wanting your equipment. They are the players that are most likely going to be attending your hockey skating and skills clinics, and they are the reason that right now is the best time to use my copywriting skills in your marketing plans.

DIRECT RESPONSE COPYWRITING…strengthens marketing communications. It generates more quality leads, and positions your name inside your market’s mind. I achieve this by writing how your hockey products and services help make the world a better place.

FROM THE FOOTILLS…of the Adirondack Mountains, my copywriting language creates visions that inspire purchases. Showing our audience how your product and service will make their hockey world a better place, and take their game to the next level. My copywriting skills strengthen your organization’s marketing communications to generate more quality leads, and position your name inside your market’s mind. I am able to accomplish this through my unique style of copywriting that features elements such as emotional intelligence, strategic storytelling, and sales enthusiasm.

BRINGING PEACE OF MIND….to your customers, more sales for you, and personal satisfaction of success for me.

If you’re looking for marketing strategies that can boost your hockey website or direct mail marketing results which could help you grow at a rate that exceeds global registered hockey participation growth then contact me now for a free marketing consult, and let’s start increasing your sales this year!

Thanks for stopping by,

Chris Hallenbeck

Hockey industry copywriter and consultant