“Chris Hallenbeck blew me away with how much he invested himself into the project. In order to do a proper write up on my project, he fully researched my project to the point that he knew the project as thoroughly as I did. He gave my project everything he had. And it showed wonderfully in his final product. I could not be happier with his efforts. The fact that Hallenbeck clearly knows his hockey is another tremendous advantage. Sure, you could hire any copywriter out there, but Hallenbeck shares the same passion as you do. He knows the game, and he knows your audience. He provides a specialized service for the hockey writer, and for the hockey audience. Hallenbeck provided an excellent product, but also took time to answer all my concerns. He offered excellent insight to the point where I knew I could trust his intuition. He was completely flexible, and willing to go the extra mile for the project. It was a pleasure to work with him. Hallenbeck’s hockey copywriting service is like a power play quarterback, a face off expert, or a shutdown defenseman. He provides a specialized service that is integral to the team’s success- your team’s success!”
Joe Pelletier, owner of, Terrace, BC, Canada
“Recently I’ve had the opportunity to work with Chris on a marketing project geared to increase our customer base. Chris formed a proposal which consisted of a plethora of ideas as well as a detailed roadmap on how he would help me to market my business. His writing skills are above par, and his attention to detail is refreshing.  While discussing his proposal he caught wind of something else I was working on, and went out of his way to provide some extremely helpful information, which was completely unsolicited, but very valuable and much appreciated. I’m looking forward to continuing our partnership, and I’m excited about heading down the path he laid out.”
-Kelli DeMaio, owner of, Gloversville, NY, USA
“I was very happy and impressed with the work that Chris did for my company. He was able to find the right mix of words to convey the message that I, as President, was not able to do myself. With little to go on, he managed to deliver new and exciting content, and an exciting and appropriate company tagline specific to the project. His commitment and work ethic was second to none. Chris was a pleasure to work with, and I appreciated the follow up on details that were promised. He is a true professional and I would not hesitate to hire him again.”
-Barbara Guerra, president of, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Chris really knows how to turn out an eye catching white paper! I wrote up a draft that was pretty good, but Chris took it and made it LOOK good! What I had was words on a page. What Chris did was clean the writing up, then he divided it into sensible sections, then he formatted it to make it look PROFESSIONAL!  I was a little reluctant to send out my original white paper to prospective clients, but now, I am eager to send out my new one, because it makes ME look professional! Thanks Chris!”
-Gordon Foreman, producer of self help books, Cuenca, Ecuador
“Working with Chris was very rewarding. His work was impressive and highly regarded. Chris worked on data collecting and developing new fundraising strategies for the agency.  Chris was self motivated and responsible. He was committed to accomplishing all assignments. He consistently met or exceeded expectations on all projects. The work produced by Chris was of the highest professional quality.”
-Linda Horan, The Family Counseling Center, Gloversville, NY