Case Studies/Success Stories

A Case Study is a very powerful marketing tool. Case studies can be used as a download on your website, at trade shows, or as marketing tools for your sales team. It will help your audience believe that your product is what they need to reach top athletic performance. Here’s how a Case Study can do that for you. A Case study is usually 1-2 pages long, and it tells a story of a successful athlete who had a problem and they solved their problem using your product. What this does for you is it positions your product as the solution to what the athlete needs to achieve their desired outcome. The athlete discovers your case study they read the story of a successful athlete using your product, and then they also want your product in order to achieve the same results that they read in the story. The athlete then becomes your customer.

White Papers

White Papers are documents whose purpose is to educate and persuade, while positioning the organization as a trusted authority. White Papers are different from a Case Study as a they are usually a lot longer in length, and they go for the soft sell. They are still a highly effective marketing tool as they help create leads, drive sales, and buildup your organization’s credibility in the marketplace as a thought leader. White Papers can be used as a download on your website, at trade shows, or as marketing tools for your sales team.

Website Content Writing

Website Content Writing using proven copywriting strategies, buyer persuasion techniques and formats, all combined with emotional intelligence can help turn your prospect’s attention onto your website. Influencing them to take action by having them want to learn more about your products, or even inspire purchases.

E-mail Marketing

This is a great way to build relationships with your prospects as you seek to turn them into clients. E-mail marketing can help keep your brand and products on your prospects mind and this strategy can also help turn your current clients into repeat purchasers by remaining in contact and informing them about your organization’s services and products.


E-newsletters are a useful and effective way to build excitement, ad anticipation frequently with both your prospects and your clients. This strategy also will help continue the development of your shared relationship and loyalty towards one another.


 Brochures are a great tool to promote your Sports industry services and products at locations and events such as Trade Shows, Hock Rinks, Schools, and various public bulletin boards or locations that receive a lot of foot traffic.

Press Releases

Press Releases can help raise your online presence, increase traffic to your website, and position you as the expert. This service is one of the most cost effective strategies offered, as they utilize copywriting to help your organization get noticed and attract your ideal prospects.

Misc. Writing Service Projects

Team Fundraising Materials

Ice Hockey Rink Fundraising Materials

Ice Hockey Skills Clinic Materials

Power Skating Clinic Materials.