Q:      What are the fees for your services?

A:      In effort to best serve you, instead of posting fees, the first step is to have a thorough discussion about your project and its objectives. Once I have a good understanding of your needs, I can quote you a price and give you a realistic deadline.


Q:      What do your fees include?

A:      My fees include the following:

1.      All of the work that we negotiate in advance during our initial

2.      Project research.

3.      An initial draft of the project.

4.      One (1) Revision.

5.      The final draft. 


Q:      How long does it take for you to finish a project?

 A:      The time that it takes me to finish a project varies depending on the (business) season that we’re in, and also the amount of projects that I already have in queue. Once I have a good understanding of your project’s size and scope, I can then give you a ball park turnaround time.


Q:      I want to contact you about an upcoming project, just to chat to see if the collaboration would be a good fit for each of us. I also have more questions, am I under any obligation to buy if I e-mail you?

 A:      Initial consults are free. You are under no obligation to buy.


Q:      I’m in Canada, and you’re in New York. Do we have to meet in person?

A:      Nope. As long as you have internet access, we can communicate by e-mail or skype. We can also communicate by phone, but i prefer to use skype and e-mail.


Q:      I read on your homepage that you do international work, what languages do you offer your writing in?

A:      Currently I offer my writing in English only. I am proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English. It is my first language.


Q:      Do you do all of the writing yourself, or do you outsource projects?

A:      I do all of the writing myself. I have a team of editors, and graphic designers that I do use if the project requires.


Q:      Do you offer website development and graphic designing along with your copywriting services?

 A:      I only create marketing copy, and do not do website development or graphic designing. However, I can put a team together that i work with regularly that helps provide these services.


Q:      How do I reach you?

A:      You can reach me here.


Q:      How do I go about hiring you?

 A:      Initial contact is best done by email. Contact me here


Q:      Do I have to sign a contract?

A:      I don’t require a contract, however, once we agree to work on a project, we need to document all of the work required, and agree to all of the terms. To accomplish this I send my clients an invoice (sometimes also called an assignment spec sheet) that contains a short description of the project, the fee, the deadline, when payment is due, and anything else that we may have discussed during the initial consult.


Q:      Do you require money upfront?

A:      Yes. Once we have had our initial consult, and the invoice template is completed and returned, I require 30% of my total fee (non-refundable) to start the initial draft. Once you have received the initial draft, 40% of the fee will be required. Upon completion of the project, the remaining 30% will be due.


Q.        How do I hire you?

A.        Contact me here to discuss your hockey copywriting needs!